The Noose (1958)

Wojciech Has

Main cast
Gustaw Holoubek; Aleksandra Śląska; Teresa Szmigielówna ; Tadeusz Fijewski; Stanisław Milski


After 10 years as a maker of short fiction, documentary & science films, Has emerged to immediate success with his 1st feature, which covers a day in the life of an alcoholic. Adapted from a story by Marek Hlasko, the film initiates Has’ recurrent obsession with the detailed odyssey of a character over a distinct passage of time. Nick Roddick called the potent climactic scene “one of the most convincing portrayals of alco- holic abandon ever filmed”, & argued that this film, alongside The Saragossa Manuscript & The Hourglass Sanatorium, “confirms Has’s status as a neglected master”.

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