Ervinka (1967)

Ephraim Kishon

Main cast
Haim Topol; Mosko Alkalai; Gila Almagor; Gabi Amrani; Gavri Banai

Comedy, Crime, Romance, Foreign


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Children from the village Bystrá are awaiting a nice and thrilling weekend. On Saturday they will play the championship football match with the nonresident boys from the village Skuhrov, on Sunday there will be the funfair with merry-go-round, swings and stalls with dainties. The members of the family of the merry-go-round man are brother and sister Janek and Zaneta Mareks whom the children have known since the last year. At that time Zaneta made friends with girls and Janek, an excellent football player, has been a welcome support of the football club.

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