Moloch (1999)

Alexander Sokurov

Main cast
Yelena Rufanova; Leonid Mozgovoy; Leonid Sokol; Yelena Spiridonova; Vladimir Bogdanov

Drama, Foreign, Romance

Moloch (Russian: Молох) is a 1999 Russian biographical drama film directed by Alexander Sokurov. The storyline was conceived from a screenplay written by Yuri Arabov and Marina Koreneva. It portrays Adolf Hitler as a humanistic figure, living life in an unassuming manner during an abrupt journey to the Bavarian Alps. The film stars actors Leonid Mozgovoy, Yelena Rufanova, Vladimir Bogdanov, and Leonid Sokol in principal roles. Moloch explores companionship, intimacy and dictatorship.[1] (Wikipedia)

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