Africa United (2010)

Debs Gardner-Paterson

Main cast
Eriya Ndayambaje; Roger Nsengiyumva; Sanyu Joanita Kintu; Yves Dusenge; Sherrie Silver

Drama, Action, Comedy, Foreign

"Africa United" tells the extraordinary story of three Rwandan children who attempt to realize the dream of their life: to attend the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2010 at Johannesburg. But the problems begin when Fabrice, Dudu and Béatrice get on the wrong bus and end up in Congo. Without papers, without money, they are brought into a children's refugee camp. But with incredible ingenuity, a some guts and a poster for the World Cup as a map, our heroes escape from the camp and leave to pursue their dreams, bringing with them a "dream team" of refugee children to help them through a series of exciting adventures. During this journey of 5000 km through seven countries, the film reveals an unseen Africa.

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